R-LX-HF-ZP - concrete screw; hexagonal head with flange (HF), zinc plated (ZP)


Category: mechanical anchors
Group: concrete screws
Subgroup: R-LX
Variant: R-LX-HF-ZF - concrete screw; hexagonal head with flange (HF), zinc plated (ZP)
Material: carbon steel
Coating: zinc plated
Description: concrete screw - hexagonal head with flange
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R-LX-05X035-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-05X050-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-05X075-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-06X035-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-06X050-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-06X060-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-06X075-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-06X090-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-06X100-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-06X130-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-06X150-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-08X060-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-08X075-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-08X090-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-08X100-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-08X120-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-08X130-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-08X150-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-10X060-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-10X065-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-10X075-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-10X085-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-10X090-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-10X100-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-10X110-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-10X120-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-10X130-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-10X140-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-10X150-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-12X075-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-12X100-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-12X130-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-12X150-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-14X080-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-14X105-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-14X115-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-14X135-HF-ZP Show
R-LX-14X160-HF-ZP Show